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15 Ways You Can Cut Home Energy Bills In The Winter

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

15 Ways You Can Cut Home Energy Bills In The Winter

We all know that home energy bills increase during the colder months.

With the seaon's shorter days and longer nights, the more time you spend at home, the more gas and energy you use, the more money you ultimately spend.

On top of inflated gas prices and taxes, this often leads to higher use of energy and a higher energy bill.

Thankfully, if you are looking for ways to lower your energy bills, there are always some things you can do.

Below we highlight 15 ways you can cut home energy bills in the winter.

Let's get right into it!

1. Weatherstrip Your Windows And Doors

If you are thinking about what your first step toward a safer home should be, then sealing your windows and doors is the absolute first step.

Believe it or not, the doors and the windows release more drafts than you could imagine. Thankfully, weatherstripping them is an excellent way to stop that from happening.

Even the draft stoppers can do wonders in this case too!

2. Have A Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat is an excellent way to help you save up on energy.

This way, you can save up by programming the thermostat to a lower temperature while you are sleeping or while you are away.

You can also set it to a warmer temperature before you arrive home or just as you wake up.

This is a great way for you to do wonders to your electrical bill without bending over backward.

3. Close The Damper When You Are Not Using The Furnace

The perfect way to end a day is to curl up with a blanket in front of a fireplace.

But, if you do not close the damper, then the heat will most likely leave.

You can save a little bit more if you install a cost-efficient fireplace and switch from burning wood to gas.

Also, if you want to make the most out of it, you can install a glass screen for your fireplace too.

4. Have Your Heating System Checked Regularly

A yearly checkup is the best way for you to maintain the health of your heating system.

The checkup can give you a heads-up when it comes to some issues and can save you some time, energy, and funds to repair them.

You will also lower the chances of it breaking down over the winter and leaving you in the cold.

A regular checkup is the best way to go.

5. Don’t Block The Airflow

If there is furniture or maybe some drapes that obstruct the flow of air from your furnace, then it is time to remove them.

If you don’t remove the furniture, you are making the furnace work twice as hard to maintain a certain temperature.

This will mean higher energy bills for no particular reason.

It is why you need to make sure that your system is working as optimally as it can.

6. Check Your Insulation

The insulation of your home is another aspect that is extremely important when it comes to the winter months.

This is an inexpensive way to shield yourself from the cold weather.

Adding insulation to your attic is an excellent place to start since this is where the hot air escapes the most.

Pay extra attention to electrical wires, outlets, utilities, and plumbing.

7. Adjust The Temperature Of Your Water Heater

You might not realize this, but your water heater spends a lot more energy than you imagine.

This is especially in those cases when the model of the heater is older.

Thankfully, many energy-efficient water heaters can do wonders and save you some money.

For most people, the water heater keeps a firm 120 degrees, and it seems like it is enough for everyone.

If you want to take the extra step into saving, then you can add a water heater blanket.

This is an insulation layer that is wrapped around the hot water tank.

This can help keep the water hotter for a longer time without the water heater working excessively.

8. Only Wash Or Dry Full Laundry Loads

Whenever possible, make sure to always put in a full load of laundry.

Whether it is in the dryer or the washer, this will help you save a little bit on costs.

If you are working with partial or small loads, don’t be surprised when a high bill comes your way.

It is why the best approach would be to cut down on the use of the washing machine by filling in the washer and dryer when you use them.

9. Insulate The Pipes

The pipes are the ones delivering the hot water to you.

Depending on where the pipes are, you might be losing heat while the water reaches you.

If you add a little bit of insulation you can raise the temperature of the water by a few degrees.

Other than the hot water, having insulated pipes means that you don’t have to have the water running for that long, especially when you are waiting for hot water in the shower.

10. Put A Timer To Your Holiday Lights

One of the biggest wastes of energy is leaving your Christmas lights overnight.

However, sometimes you may forget to turn them off, and that is okay.

This is why it is best to put a timer on your lights that will have them switch off at a certain point during the night.

This will save you a lot of money and you will have one less thing to worry about over the holidays.

11. Unplug Electronics

Of course, you don’t have to unplug everything, but try unplugging the ones you are not using.

Most appliances draw power even if they are turned off.

What you need to do is cut them from the source.

Anything from a TV to a printer, video game consoles, microwaves, and computers can draw power that can just add up to your electricity bill.

12. LED Lights Are The Way To Go

Switching to LED lights is an excellent way to save on your energy bill.

Think about how many lightbulbs you can change in your home and what that can do to your electricity bill.

13. Get Cozy

Enjoying the winter means to get cozy under a nice warm blanket, and this is another thing you should do!

Experts recommend that if you want to get a good night of sleep, you should turn down your thermostat a little bit and then go to bed.

You can get an extra blanket if you want to keep yourself warmer.

Of course, if this does not make you feel comfortable, you can always crank the heat up!

14. Cover The Hard Floors

Having a couple of rugs to place on the hard floor is a great way to go.

This will help you keep your feet from being cold during the winter months.

It is also a very decorative way to warm up a room.

The rugs can also add a little bit of insulation to a room.

15. Let The Sun Into The Home

The most natural way to get the most out of the heat is by allowing the sun to enter the home. Open the curtains and allow the flow of light to get into the home. It will immediately feel cozy and comfortable.

When you are looking for ways to cut your home energy bill in the winter, a lot of things can come to mind.

We are hoping that these tips can help you stay warm, happy, and comfortable during the winter.

If you have any questions about our article "15 Ways To Cut Home Energy Bills In The Winter" or energy efficient system upgrades, feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page. Related Posts What are the tips of furnace repair and must-know furnace tips? Energy efficient furnace upgrade tips: Here's what you need to know Best furnace brands: Here are the best furnaces in the market right now Must-know tips: What to look for in a new furnace? 10 alarming signs that you need furnace repair

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