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19 Common Furnace Problems That Every Home Owner MUST KNOW

19 Common Furnace Problems That Every Homeowner MUST KNOW

1. Check If Your Thermostat Is Turned On

However silly it may sound, it is important to check if the thermostat is set on heat and set at least five degrees above room temperature.

There have been many service calls done only because people have not managed to check this first.

Check the batteries on the thermostat.

You may need to change them. If your thermostat is battery-powered, then this is an important step you should not skip.

You can open the thermostat and clean it of any debris that might have built up.

Tune the thermostat and you are good to go!

2. Reset The Circuit Breaker

Make sure to check if a fuse was blown or tripped by checking your thermostat.

Sometimes this can happen and you can notice it by switching up the temperature a few degrees and seeing if there is any change.

If you want to do this, test the breaker manually and flip it up and down.

Make sure it is switched on and this resets it.

If this doesn’t work, then something is wrong with the wiring, and in this case, you should call a professional.

3. Check And Maintain The Filters

When you notice that your furnace is not producing enough heat, this may be due to some clogged filters.

If you notice that your furnace is struggling to maintain the heat then it is time to check your filters.

This is a very simple, yet essential step in your furnace maintenance process.

You need to make sure that they are in a good condition and that they are clean.

Locate them and check them. If they seem like they need replacing, then replace them.

If they seem dirty, then clean them.

This is how you will maintain the optimal functioning of the HVAC system.

4. Furnace Door Safety Switch

If you notice that your furnace is not working, the first thing you need to do is check the safety switch door.

If you want your furnace to operate properly, then the door must be shut and the safety switch activated.

Once you find this bit, all you need to do is turn off the furnace, prep the blower door, wire the safety switch, and check and test the installation.

5. Keep The Furnace Area Clean

Not only clean but without any obstructions too.

Even though this seems incredibly obvious, it is a very important step that you should not forget.

Pay attention to the area where your furnace is placed.

Are there a lot of things around it?

If the answer is yes, then you need to make sure to remove all of them. Any flammable materials should go too.

Keep the area clean throughout the summer and make sure to vacuum it regularly so you can avoid any dirt from clogging the filters too soon.

6. Check The Burner Flames

One of the most common furnace failures comes from contamination.

If you want your furnace to work properly, check the debris. One of the ways to check this is to take a look at the flames.

If the flames are even and blue, then it is likely that your furnace is clean.

However, if they are yellow, then the furnace is dirty and needs cleaning.

You can easily do this with a vacuum cleaner. Remember that dust can accumulate during the summer too.

This is why it is important to check and clean the furnace before the winter season begins.

7. Oiling The Furnace Blower Annually

Once you start preparing for the winter season, it is important to make sure that the components of the heating system are up and running and in optimal condition.

If you are interested in cleaning the furnace and having it ready for the winter, then you should consider oiling the furnace blower.

This plays a big role in your heating system, so oiling it once a year will ensure the longevity of the furnace.

8. Check The Limit Switch

If the limit switch is broken, then the furnace will continue working all the time.

This will result in a shorter lifespan of the heating system. The best way to deal with this is to have a technician come and take a look at the limit switch.

They are normally closed and out of reach, so a person that has expertise and experience on the subject is your best bid.

9. Check The Pilot Control Or Electric Ignition

If you are dealing with a gas furnace, it means that it can operate with the help of a pilot control or electric ignition, and thus eliminate the need for a constant flame.

If the ignition system is faulty, then this can significantly impact the intensity of the furnace.

You will notice this easily because your home will become a little colder and the system will work with the same intensity.

All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions if you want to check if the pilot control is working.

If after the check-up it still doesn’t work, then it is time to call a professional.

10. Rapid Cycling Or Heating Issues

There might be an issue with your furnace if it turns on and off often.

This may be caused by a clogged filter.

If you replace the filter and this still happens, then it is time for you to call a professional furnace repair company and have them check your furnace.

11. The Furnace Does Not Blow Air

Take a look at the inspection window of your furnace.

Check the blower and make sure it is clean. Usually, there are two flashing lights that would appear: one is green; one is red.

If the green light appears, then all is well, and if the red light appears, it means it is time for you to call a professional and have them check the furnace completely.

12. The Gas Furnace Runs All The Time

Once you notice that the gas furnace runs all the time, then you should call a professional furnace replacement company.

This means that your thermostat might even be set to a continuous fan, meaning you have adjusted your furnace to work all the time.

If you want to try to deal with this yourself, then turn the temperature down and see if that works.

The gas furnace does not need to operate all the time, so if you have trouble turning it off, then you might be dealing with a faulty operating switch.

13. Noisy Furnace

We are all aware that furnaces make some noise every once in a while. However, if you start noticing some strange and random noises coming from it, there are a few things that might be wrong with your furnace.

If you hear a popping sound, it means that thermal expansion is happening. If you hear rattling noises, it means that a part has loosened up and needs to be tightened. If you hear squealing noises, it means that the belt that connects to the motor has been damaged and needs replacement.

Finally, if you hear grinding sounds, then it is time to call a professional HVAC company and have your furnace repaired.

14. Check The Vents

Check all the vents in your home and make sure that there is nothing blocking them.

If you notice a piece of furniture or curtain blocking them, then remove it from the way.

This is how you can avoid something preventing the flow of heat to your home.

15. Cleaning The Flame Sensors

This is a crucial safety feature of your gas furnace.

It keeps the furnace safe from burning any unsafe fuel, so if the sensor is dirty, this may cause some trouble for you.

The flame sensor is usually found in the back of the furnace.

You can clean the sensor yourself by carefully following the instructions from the company where you bought your furnace.

16. Gas Line Inspection

Follow the gas line and inspect it thoroughly.

It may have been switched off or closed. Remember that the gas line should always be set on OPEN.

17. Smelling Gas

If you start smelling gas in your home, and the smell is pretty strong, then you need to contact a furnace repair company near you and leave your home immediately.

This is a serious health hazard and you and your family avoid it at all cost.

18. Clean The Debris And Leaves

Whether it is ice, leaves, or debris, having your exhaust vent cleaned up is an important part of ensuring the optimal function of your furnace.

Just before the heating season starts, make sure that you have done all the annual maintenance.

19. How Old Is Your Furnace

After all, you need to be aware of the age of your furnace.

Sometimes, it is better to completely replace it than focus on repairs that would cost you more money.

No furnace can run forever, so if it is time to replace it, do it sooner than later.

If you have any questions about our article "19 Common Furnace Problems That Every Homeowner MUST KNOW" or energy efficient system upgrades, feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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