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5 Tips That'll Help Find The Best AC Installers In Toronto

5 Tips That'll Help You Find The Best AC Installers In Toronto

Quality AC installation is incredibly important.

You can have the best air conditioning system in the world, but, if the AC installer does a poor job, you're in trouble.

Below we highlight 5 must-know tips that'll help you find the best AC installers in Toronto.

Let's get right into it!

How to find the best air conditioning installation company at a glance:

1. Check ac installation company experience and license

2. Check ac installation company referrals and references

3. Ensure the ac installation company provides a home evaluation

4. Ask about ac installation company training and their experience

5. Check for current discounts or rebates for ac installation services

1. Experience and license

The HVAC system is a very complex appliance, and like anyone, you would want a licensed ac and furnace installation company to do that job for you.

You should use an HVAC contractor that you can trust whether you are looking for one that will overlook new installation or just do the regular maintenance.

Other than allowing for a contractor to legally work on heating and cooling systems, the license means that the company has gone the extra mile and has the experience and knowledge to get things done properly.

Accidents are rare but when you choose a licensed contractor, you get the insurance that will protect you from financial liability if the damage is done to the home or if a technician is hurt.

Before asking the HVAC company for the following services, you should get some proof of insurance:

- Air duct cleaning

- Repair and installation of a furnace

- Repair and installation of air conditioner

- Installation and maintenance of fireplace

- Replacement and repair of heat pumps

Many ac installation companies in Toronto ensure their technicians have the proper training.

So you will want an ac installer that can provide proof.

2. Evaluation of the home

Ask yourself if the AC installer you have chosen is running home evaluations.

The best AC installation companies in Toronto can provide home evaluations with ease, and all that before giving a quote for an HVAC replacement unit.

The size of the AC matters because not every HVAC system works with every home.

The technicians can check the needs for cooling and heating requirements for the home and give you a quote on what is best for you.

They should review the windows, the insulation, the square footage, and the condition of the ductwork.

If you have ever experienced some hot or cold spots in the home, it might be because the HVAC system you already have is not the right size for your home.

This can easily happen if the system is installed by an HVAC contractor who does not have the proper experience or has not previously evaluated your home.

Also in some cases, the homeowner can add a room or two without considering the power of the HVAC system.

So hiring an HVAC professional to evaluate the home before installing an AC is the right thing to do.

3. Referrals and references

Believe it or not, social proof via word of mouth is still considered the best advertising when it comes to finding the perfect AC installation company in Toronto.

There are plenty of review sites like Yelp that can provide you with some information and past experiences of other homeowners with various AC installation companies.

You can see that the reviews are true, unbiased, and sincere.

People don’t cut back on honesty, especially if something went wrong.

The only thing you need to make sure of is to pay close attention to the testimonials who have similar or same model ACs.

If you only go to the sites of the HVAC contractors you are considering, then you will of course see some excellent testimonials, mostly because they want to make themselves more presentable to future clients.

Ask for some further references than just the ones on the site if you are looking for something more from your HVAC contractor.

Check the rating and the testimonials, weigh the pros and cons, and see whether the HVAC contractor is the best choice for you!

4. Training and licensing of the staff

HVAC systems now are better than they have ever been before.

Technology is advancing by the minute and it is all for our benefit.

However, this means that the technicians who are continuously working in this field should have an update in their training regularly.

There are plenty of training courses that the technicians can take and get a valid professional license that is issued by a state or a local municipal authority.

The best ac installation companies in Toronto go the extra mile to make sure their technicians get an up-to-date education and license, especially in terms of safety issues and equipment.

5. Special offers and rebates

Lastly, one of the things that people consider when choosing an HVAC company is how affordable they are.

Before committing to a certain AC installation company in Toronto, it is very important to calculate the full cost of the entire procedure.

Plenty of AC installation companies have partnerships with HVAC brands.

This means that they are usually able to provide a discount or a special price for installing a certain type of AC.

Also, you can look into the option of tax incentives that can make you get an energy-efficient AC and make it more affordable in the long run.

For example, here at For Saving Heating & Cooling we update our rebates page with every new update. We do everything so our clients are free from the stresses of going through the painstaking process.

You can ask your local AC installation company which criteria are used and check whether you are eligible for it or not.

If you have any questions about AC installation and AC repair feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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