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7 Main Factors When Dealing With AC Installation

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

7 Main Factors When Dealing With AC Installation

1. Pick the correct size of AC for your space and needs

Today a person can find various sizes when it comes to air conditioners.

Whether it is central AC, a window AC, or a portable AC, you name it, it is available.

Now, the key here is to focus on the specific area that you would like to cool down and choose your AC depending on the size of the room.

Make sure to remember that, other than proper maintenance and installation, the one other thing you have to keep in mind is the size of the room – this is if you want to get the most out of your AC.

2. Strategically place to avoid the sun

When you are deciding on adding an AC in your home, other than the size of the room, the other thing you would have to look after is the sun's rays.

If the sunlight goes directly on the AC, then it may prevent the AC from functioning properly and put additional strain on the entire unit.

To avoid this, make sure to place your AC in a perfectly safe place from sunlight.

3. Move it as far away from heat as possible

Whenever you find yourself thinking about placing your AC near a gas oven, stove, or any other source of heat, stop yourself right there!

Your AC should be installed away from any sources of heat, including telephone lines, electric wires, TV cables, and antennas.

Try to keep them as far away as possible from any home security devices too!

Just to give you a scope of what might happen, when installing an AC near such appliances, you might do some damage to them, thus opening a neverending portal of fixing appliances all over the house.

4. Leave some space all over

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you place the AC, there should be plenty of space on each side.

This means that 15 centimeters are the minimum space to have on top, on the side, and bottom of the AC.

5. Keep it away from gas

This is a given, to be honest, but always worth mentioning. Avoid having sulfur or oil mist anywhere near the AC.

To avoid dealing with any potential leaks and extensive damages, make sure to install your air conditioning system as far away from a gas source as possible.

6. Handle with care

Any copper wiring and electrical wiring too, including any other delicate parts of the AC should be handled with care.

Also, there is a drainage pipe that needs to be handled equally carefully. Attach it and secure it to the AC unit so you can avoid experiencing any damages or issues.

7. A licensed contractor is the only way to go

Make sure to carefully choose the team for AC installation.

Professionals have to go through training and take courses for about a year before getting certified.

Your air conditioner installation service providers can be also of assistance to you.

The experience and expertise they have is just the thing you need when you are installing your new air conditioning unit.

Remember that it is always better to hire a professional team when installing your AC.

Now that we have gone through the most important factors when installing a new AC, here are some bonus tips for you.

These might come in handy when you are installing your AC too:

Bonus AC installation tip 1: Don’t put the air conditioner in the hottest parts of the home

Installing an AC in a yard or the hottest part of the home is an absolute no.

Even though it might make perfect sense to put the AC where most of the heat is accumulated, in this case, the AC would have to work much harder to achieve the needed temperature level.

This amounts to very high electricity bills.

So, to avoid this, place the AC in the “not so hot” area, and you will get the optimal results.

Choose a cool place where the AC will function properly and would manage to cool down the hot areas in the home.

Bonus AC installation tip 2: Don’t hide the air conditioner

If you put your AC in an area where there is a lot of shade, you are doing the right thing.

Avoid putting your AC behind some pieces of furniture and plants that would obstruct the optimal functioning of the system.

If you hide your AC you might directly make a mess out of the ventilation system in the AC, especially in the case of plants, where some soil or leaves can get easily stuck in the air conditioning system.

That is why in this case we recommend placing the AC in a visible place that does not have any obstructions.

Bonus AC installation tip 3: Don’t install the AC near a fire hazard

Whenever you are installing an AC in your home, one thing that you should particularly keep in mind is to be mindful of the surroundings, especially in the case of electrics lying around.

Keep the system away from any place where it may be the cause of an electrical fire.

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind, especially in those cases where you go in and out of the house very often and leave the AC unattended.

AC installation tip 4: Don’t install the AC near the trash can

Now this one may seem a bit more than just strange, but there is a very solid reason behind it.

Believe it or not, installing the AC near a trash can will spread the entire smell around the house.

This is mostly because the air conditioners grab the air that is closest to them, which explains the smell of the AC is right next to a trash can.

Finding the perfect spot for your AC can sometimes require a bit more work and research than usual, however, in the end, it will all be worth it!

If you have any questions about AC repair or AC installation feel free to call us at 416-335-0881 or chat with us in near-real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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