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Energy Efficient Furnace Upgrade Tips: Here's What To Look For

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Energy Efficient Furnace Upgrade Tips

Even with skyrocketing gas prices, every home should have a proper heating system.

If you have some concerns about your energy bill, then it is a perfect time to get a replacement and upgrade your furnace with a more energy-efficient one that'll help you save energy and your hard-earned dollars.

Below we highlight powerful tips that'll help you through your energy-efficient furnace upgrade.

Let's get right into it.

Different Types Of Furnaces

Most homes have either a gas or an electric furnace installed, though there are plenty of parameters that are taken into consideration when the type of furnace in the home is determined.

Some of the parameters include the size of the home, the heat level required, the budget, and the existing conditions.

This is why there are different types of furnaces.

Let’s take a look at them below.

1. Single-Stage Furnace

The single-stage furnace does not have the option to control it.

This means it has only one stage of operation.

It is either turned on or turned off.

When you turn on the furnace, it will give as much heat as it can in a certain period.

The installation costs are low and it is usually the most comfortable option there is.

2. Double-Stage Furnace

In contrast to the single-stage, the double-stage furnace can work at two speeds, full and half-speed.

And, since it does not work at full speed all of the time, this furnace is a lot less noisy.

3. Variable Speed Furnace

The most efficient type of furnace you can find is this one.

The good thing about this furnace is that you can control the heat output and the speed too so you can set it according to your preferences.

Naturally, the installation cost for this furnace will be a bit higher, but since it is considered to be much more efficient, you will be thankful for the lower energy bills in the future.

You may find that your current furnace is under one of these categories.

This is why you need to consider an upgrade (if there is an option for one) and how that would affect your home.

Are You Planning A Furnace Upgrade?

A furnace upgrade with our system will help you save 70% off your energy bill every month.

This is worth looking into with an HVAC professional near you.

Also, if your furnace is not functioning at an optimal level, and you are already planning on repairing or replacing it, then it's a good idea to upgrade to an energy-efficient system.

But note that you would have to do it during the warmer months before the heating season comes.

Here is what you need to take into consideration if you are thinking about replacement:

- You should consider the capacity of the new heating unit.

This is a common mistake that homeowners are doing.

Consult with a furnace installation company near you and find the right-sized unit for your home.

- You should consider the source of fuel too.

Note that the most cost-effective way to do this is to consider a new unit that runs on the same source of fuel.

It is not a cost-effective option to change the sources of fuel if you are changing your furnace too.

However, depending on your preferences, sometimes in the long run, this can be a particularly good option.

Take the gas furnace as an example.

It is a much more cost-effective solution than the electric one and it can be a good solution for you in the long run.

- You should consider a budget for an HVAC professional.

This is something to have in mind when you are looking for a new furnace.

Hiring an HVAC professional to do the job for you is a great way to add protection in case something goes wrong while installing the unit in the home.

Speak to the HVAC professional just in time and book them in advance so you can be certain that the installation will be done while it is still warm outside.

Upgrading To A High-Efficiency Furnace

Once you have decided to upgrade your furnace it is best to go for the most efficient one.

The high-efficiency furnaces are the best option because they will help you save on energy bills while helping the environment too.

You can find the same components in the high-efficiency furnace as you would in a regular furnace:

- Burner

- Heat exchanger

- Flue

- Blower

- Combustion chamber

Remember that the high-efficiency furnace will save on energy by wasting less of it.

What Is An AFUE Standard?

There are additional parts of the furnaces that make them able to be more powerful in their job to transform fuel into energy.

The secondary combustion chamber can do that, making the furnace better than you could expect!

The two exchanger coils that are also available make the new furnace run smoothly by using a lot less energy and generating a lot more heat.

A good and efficient furnace should have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of about 90% or more!

Also, note that the gas is the most high-effective solution for you!

Electricity and oil are considered the more expensive option.

More Tips...

- Age matters.

No matter what you hear from other people, if your furnace is more than 20 years old, don’t postpone the replacement.

If you are using an old furnace, you might be spending up to 70% more on energy bills than you would if you have an energy-efficient furnace.

- Don’t go for a mid-range furnace.

If you have decided to make the replacement, and do that fast, don’t choose any mid-range furnace that will not give you the optimal results you are looking for.

Instead, check for the AFUE rating and make sure the furnace you are getting has a rating higher than 90%.

This will help you achieve a cost-effective purchase you will love!

- Have a maintenance plan.

When you are choosing your HVAC contractor, the one thing you need to have in mind is that you should choose a contractor who will give you a rate based on the installation cost and the annual maintenance cost too.

Maybe you will even stumble upon a promotion!

Either way, have a cost-effective plan that will go well with your cost-effective furnace.

- Insurance is key.

When it comes to installation, make sure to check if the contractor and the technician can confirm they have the expertise and experience required to do the job.

This will save you a lot in finances if an accident or malfunction occurs.

- Find a budget plan.

Financing the purchase of a new furnace can be a strain on your budget.

This is why there are several plans set in place that you can go through.

See your options and make sure to find a payment plan.

Here at For Saving Heating & Cooling we offer an up to 12-month 0% payment plan.

Find one that works for you and get that furnace!

If you have any questions about AC installation and AC repair feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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