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How To Buy A Tankless Water Heater

How To Buy A Tankless Water Heater

The first thing to do before buying or renting a tankless water heater is to make sure you do your research.

Many homeowners who take this step do this because they need more – whether it is more savings when it comes to electricity, a more energy-efficient home, or a more reliable source when it comes to hot water.

So let's get right into, "how to buy a tankless water heater" for your home.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

There is a difference between traditional and tankless water heaters. They are very different from each other.

Most of us are used to large cylindrical tanks in our homes, but not in this case.

In the case of a tankless water heater, you will see a compact box and it is usually placed on the side of a wall with a few valves and pipes attached to it.

If you want to see how the tankless water heater works, here are a few pointers:

- Make sure to turn on the fixture so you can activate the flow of water into the heater. This activates the flow sensor, and then the control panel, which turns on the fan.

- The fan has many functions. It takes air from the outside, ignites the gas burner, and it opens the gas valve.

- All the exhaust gases are released outside, either through the roof or through an exterior wall.

- After that, the gas produces heat, which is later transferred into the incoming water.

- The mixing valve tempers the water and the water is piped to your faucet.

- This is how you can enjoy an even flow of warm water, and once you turn it off, the gas burner will shut off.

Why You Should Install A Tankless Water Heater?

There are many benefits that come with installing a tankless water heater.

Some of them include:

- It is energy-efficient – this is the first thing that makes people want to consider the option of installing a tankless water heater.

When it comes to conventional water heaters, it is known to be one of the highest residential energy sources, next to the heating and cooling systems.

They manage to waste a large amount of energy to keep the water hot all the time, regardless of whether it is needed or not.

On the other hand, the tankless water heater will heat only as much water as you need at the moment.

These water heaters do not store hot water.

In the long run, this is the option that will save you a lot of finances on your electricity bills and natural gas.

- You will enjoy more hot water – Imagine never being stuck with a cold shower again because someone in your family has spent the entire hot water in your tank.

This is what you will get once you switch to the tankless water heater. This is how you will get hot water instantly and without having to wait for it and for as long as you need it.

- Save some space – Since it is the size of a suitcase or smaller a tankless water heater would have a very small profile and can fit into a small space such as a closet as long as there is proper ventilation there.

This will give you a lot of free space. This is especially beneficial if you leave in a small space.

- Enjoy a long life span – One of the benefits of a tankless water heater is that it can last longer. The tankless water heater does not have any wear and tear results from storing a large volume of water.

There is a life span of a tankless water heater and it lasts on average between 8 and 12 years.

Sometimes it can even last up to 20 years.

- Smaller flooding chances – If you think that there is a catastrophic flooding possibility then think twice. If you add a tankless water heater to your basement that chance will reduce.

Since tankless water heaters do not store large amounts of water they do not develop leaks. Even if they are at an advanced age and they need to be replaced with a newer model the volume will be smaller.

This is how you will prevent any leakage or flooding from happening in your home.

- Opting for electric or gas tankless water heaters – These are the two main power sources for tankless water heaters and both of them have good and bad sides.

Let’s see how both of them can compare to each other.

In terms of prices, electric tankless water heaters are much less expensive to buy than gas ones.

In terms of tankless water heater installation, electric tingle heaters are much easier to install.

This is why they are less pricey.

If you want to have a gas tankless water heater then you will need to add the proper ventilation into your home.

This will add a lot of work and expense to the entire procedure.

You will need to make a lot of upgrades to your home by adding a new gas line or updating your electrical panel so you could have the tankless water heater in the home.

When it comes to the flow rate, gas-powered tankless water heaters have a much better flow rate than electric ones. If you want to multitask then it is better to use the first one.

When it comes to the operating cost this depends on how well the tankless water heater uses fuel and the price of the fuel it uses.

The electric tingle heaters are quite efficient and the gas ones are a little less efficient.

Nevertheless, the costs are pretty equal.

What About Condensing Or Non-Condensing Water Heaters?

When it comes to condensing tankless water heaters they are exceptionally good if you want to save on some energy.

Actually, they are 25% more efficient than the other ones. They are able to reheat the lift overheat from the incoming cold water and that helps them create a bigger flow.

There is only one disadvantage to this and it is a higher price tag and a higher need for maintenance on an annual level.

Do You Want To Know Some Tankless Water Heater Brands?

We are happy to recommend two of the best brands to you. All you need to do is just take a look further and see which one is more up to your liking.

- The Navien tankless water heater – It has the honor of being the best high-efficiency tankless water heater in North America.

They offer the option of a non-condensing tankless water heater too which is excellent because of its stainless steel burner and heat exchanger.

- Rinnai tankless water heater – This one will go to the books. This is one of the best names in the water heater field and there is a good reason behind it.

You can find a lot of efficient products that are well made manufactured in the USA and Energy Star certified. They are an outstanding option and they have incredible features and a fantastic design.

What About The Size?

Note that size is something you have to think about. If you have an expert that can help you then you will not need to worry about size at all.

Tankless water heaters come in a lot of sizes.

They can be calculated using the flow rate and temperature you need.

This is how you will find the perfect match for you. If you have a lot of people at home that require a lot of hot water then you will need a high flow rate and a high temperature.

On the other hand, couples and singles do not require as much. In the end it all depends on your frequent water needs.

If you have any questions about our article "How to buy a tankless water heater" or energy efficient system upgrades, feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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