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Must-Try Energy Efficient Appliances That'll Help You Save Money Every Month

Must-Try Energy-Efficient Appliances That'll Help You Save Money Every Month

1. GE Profile Stainless-Steel Smart 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

This is an incredible refrigerator from GE that most experts seem to be one of the best refrigerators yet. You can easily connect it to your home WiFi, which will alert you whenever the internal temperature is too high.

Some estimates say it can save you about $87 to operate it annually, about 20% more than other refrigerators would.

It also has some amazing preferences, such as an adjustable temperature draw, a door-in-door rotating bin for easy access, and a hands-free autofill water dispenser.

2. Whirlpool Monochromatic Stainless-Steel Dishwasher

With a chill 55-decibel operation, cycle-setting memory, quick 1-hour wash cycle, and soil sensor to adjust cleaning power when applicable, this Energy Star stainless steel dishwasher from Whirlpool is a must-try energy-efficient appliance to add to your kitchen

According to the dishwasher's energy guide, this energy-efficient appliance costs about $22 a year to use and with an electric water heater, it will cost about $31.

This is almost a fourth less than any similar model.

3. Electrolux Titanium Front Load Electric Dryer

This is one of the best Energy Star appliances you can have in your home.

One of the most incredible feature about this energy-efficient appliance is the prediction cycle, which predicts how much time it would take for the clothes to dry.

There is even a perfect steam option which you can choose if you want to release static and wrinkles.

On top of it all, there is a low-heat air cycle that is created for those more delicate items.

If you want to further lower the electricity costs, you can even combine a few cycles into one.

4. Maytag White Top Load Washing Machine

Some washing machines take about $71 to operate, but not this one!

This Energy Star-rated washing machine takes about $30 to operate and if used with natural gas heater, $13.

It can tackle all rough stains, it has an option for a delayed start, and it has a short cycle that lasts only 30 minutes.

5. LG Electronics Stainless-Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Being able to run this refrigerator at the cost of about $46 on an annual level makes it the perfect option for every household.

This is one of the lowest ranges when it comes to smaller home energy-efficient appliances.

However, believe it or not, it still fits more than you can imagine!

This is a refrigerator that offers full-width gallon door bins (two of them), humidity control, a multi-airflow freshness system that can keep your food fresh for as long as possible, and digital sensors that can maintain the perfect temperature.

6. LG Electronics White Smart Electric Dryer

When the designers have efficiency in mind, they design products such as this one.

Other than being Energy Star-certified, it can save you plenty of effort and time with the help of its dual-opening door.

What this means is that the door can open as a regular dryer door would, but, it also has the option of opening as you pull down so it would be easier for you to transfer any clothes without them falling over the sides.

It also has features such as adjusting drying time, built-in sensors that can detect moisture, and sensors that can alert you when you need to change or clean the filters.

7. Bosch 300 Series Stainless-Steel Dishwasher

Bosch is considered to be one of the best brands when it comes to dishwashers – and this is why we are presenting this particular model today.

If we take efficiency and functionality into consideration, this is one of those Energy Star models for the books!

It is extremely quiet, it can hold up to 16 place settings, it even provides an option to get rid of all the bacteria, and a top rack that offers a place where you can place all utensils or lids, and other smaller items.

So many people have been satisfied with its performances that it has more than 5k reviews which are five-starred.

8. GE Smart White Front Load Washer

This is one of the best washing machines with a front load according to experts.

If you want to receive updates on the status of each load, then you can even connect it to your Wi-Fi network and receive the updates on your phone.

There are some other features involved that include specific technology that prevents bacteria from gathering and creating an unpleasant odour, a special vent system that removes excess moisture, and an extremely fast cycle that lasts only 20 minutes.

9. Frigidaire Brushed Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

You can easily save money if you start using this top-freezer refrigerator.

This is one of the best ones you can find on the market and it includes two full-width glass shelves, a sliding door that can hold cheeses and deli meat, a humidity-controlled crisper drawer, optimized airflow, a reversible door, and interior LED lights.

10. Whirlpool Stainless-Steel Top Control Dishwasher

This is an extremely smart appliance, as one of its best features includes a sensor cycle that chooses the ideal washing and drying settings which could keep the cost at a minimum.

You will end up having dishes that are ready to be put back in the cabinet, and there is a special rinse cycle that removes all bacteria from the dishes.

Also, it includes some hidden top controls and an adjustable upper rack.

11. LG Electronics WashTower Laundry Center

You can save both time and money with the help of this incredible laundry center.

This is one of the top-rated Energy Star appliances, and the estimated cost on an annual level is only $13.

The design is specifically created to save you some space and both the washer and the dryer have a large capacity so they can meet all your needs – this is why it has been presented as one of the best appliances for your home.

The incredible technology involved here helps you select the ideal wash cycle and the sensors can adjust the drying time for each particular load.

12. Galanz Retro Top Freezer Refrigerator

This top freezer refrigerator can give you that retro feel you are looking for and keep your costs on an annual level at about $35.

This is the expert pick as one of the best refrigerators you can choose, and it includes a crisper for your fruits and veggies, an adjustable thermostat, and three slide-out glass shelves.

If you have any questions about our article "Must-Try Energy Efficient Appliances That'll Help You Save Money Every Month" or energy efficient system upgrades, feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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