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What Are The Risks Of Ignoring Furnace Repair And Must-Know Furnace Maintenance Tips

What Are The Risks Of Ignoring Furnace Repair And Furnace Maintenance Tips

If you want to make sure that your furnace is functioning at an optimal level, then there are a few things that you can do.

They are almost always connected to proper maintenance.

So in this article, you will learn:

1. What are the risks of ignoring furnace repair

2. Furnace maintenance tips that'll help you optimize efficiency

Let's get right into it.

Risk 1: Poor Air Quality

By tending to your HVAC in a timely fashion, you'll avoid the troubles poor air quality bring in your home. When air passes through your vents, if they are clogged, the HVAC system will start circulating a lot of dust into the air. This reduces the quality of air and creates a polluted space.

Risk 2: Poisoning From Carbon Monoxide

Your gas furnace uses a heat exchanger to remove harmful gases. This is how you manage to get clean air. Since the temperature changes, the effect is visible on the heat exchanger. This is why, after a while, it is important to check your furnace for any damages and cracks. This can lead to gasses leaking out and filling up your home. And since the carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, you will not be able to detect it until it is too late.

Risk 3: Fire In The Home

Sometimes, the cause of the fire can be a spark or an explosion. Either way, the fire can create bad smoke that can find its way into your HVAC system and your home. Even though you might notice it, it is better to get rid of it sooner rather than later.

Risk 4: Repairs For Heating And Cooling Properties

Many homeowners think they can save money by avoiding hiring a professional furnace repair or furnace maintenance company. Especially when on the surface when the HVAC seems to be functioning well, there may be some underlying issues that create a much bigger problem. This is why constant maintenance of the system is needed – so it can function on an optimal level. If you leave a small issue unattended for long periods of time, it will malfunction. The added stress will contribute to a much longer and more costly repair in the future.

Risk 5: Shorter Lifespan

Naturally, any underlying issue to an HVAC system can lead to a shorter lifespan of the system if it is not treated right. HVAC systems that are well maintained can last up to 20 years.

Risk 6: High Electricity Bills

With regular maintenance, your HVAC system will work fine. The result will be a well-maintained cooled and heated space. On the other hand, if the system is not maintained properly, its functioning will be off. This will lead to higher electricity bills since the system will work twice as hard to maintain the necessary temperature. This is not just an unnecessary strain on the system, but it also results in costs that are higher than expected. Take a look at it this way: If you invest in timely maintenance, your energy bill will remain the same in the long run.

Risk 7: Damage To The Pipes

When you ignore furnace maintenance during the winter months, there is a high chance of your pipes bursting or freezing. If you notice there is something wrong with your entire HVAC system, especially in winter, the reason for that might be frozen pipes. This is why any building and home should be adequately heated during the colder months. Because if that does not happen, then the pipes can freeze within a few hours. We are all aware of the fact that when the water freezes, it expands. This is why the damage to the pipes can be irreversible. Once it breaks and damages them, it can lead to having to change your pipes altogether. This can lead to water damage all along the structure of your building, which can get quite expensive.

Risk 8: Breakdown Of The System

HVAC systems that have been neglected will eventually result in a complete breakdown. Once they are pushed to their limit in the winter and in the summer and go through the peaks without any maintenance, they just may fail completely.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Furnace Maintenace Tip 1: Taking Care Of Filters

This is one of the most important parts to furnace maintenance. Filters need to be cleaned regularly. As long as there is no dust or hair that will clog the system, your HVAC system will work perfectly fine. So make sure your filters are clean on the regular.

Furnace Maintenace Tip 2: A Thermostat With A Program

If you want to be able to further lower your electricity bill, then a programmable thermostat is a great investment. When homeowners invest in one, they typically report getting their money back within a year, so it is considered to be a smart investment. The programmable thermostat can help you schedule the temperature during the weekends and working days. You can even lower it when you are away from home or asleep.

Furnace Maintenace Tip 3: Open The Registers

If you want to ensure the optimal work of the HVAC system, then you need to make sure the vents and open and unrestricted. Make sure not to block or cover the registers and let the airflow as it should.

Furnace Maintenace Tip 4: Add Ceiling Fans Too

A lot of people may find it strange to use a ceiling fan in the winter, but sometimes it can prove to be of excellent use. This is a great way for you to even out the warmth of air in your home. Since it is natural for the heat to rise and collect right near the ceiling. So turning the ceiling fan on will help the hot air fan out through the entire room. It will definitely contribute to a more comfortable room temperature.

Furnace Maintenace Tip 5: Good Humidity Level

The air in your home is usually extremely dry in the winter. This can lead to you feeling colder than you actually are. A humidifier can help in this situation. Since the humidity level will rise, the heat will be evenly spread, resulting in a more comfortable living space.

Furnace Maintenace Tip 6: Seal Your Garage Door

Finally, any cracks and openings can lead to the warm air escaping in the winter and the cold air escaping in the summer. This will not only lead to increased electricity bills but will also contribute to less than satisfactory living conditions. So make sure to check for drafts, especially with your garage door, and make sure it is closed tight.

If you have any questions about furnace repair or furnace installation feel free to call us at 416-543-0641 or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page.

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