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Markham Furnace & Heat Pump Installation 

Up To 60 Months Equal Payment
Up To $7100 Heat Pump Rebate 
May Qualify FREE Heat Pump Installed


MARKHAM FURNACE INSTALLATION and Replacement: For Saving Inc is a full-service heating and cooling service provider offering expert furnace installation, replacement, and repairs in the Markham area.
We specialize in getting your home or business up and running quickly and safely while providing exceptional customer service at competitive rates.


Our Home Comfort Advisor has one goal in mind: to help you select the best furnace, boiler, or other specialized home heating equipment for your home, your budget, and your lifestyle. Because when it comes to comfort, the right fit is about more than just the make and model. Here’s what else we’ll consider:
⦁    How old is your home ?
⦁    How big is your home, and does it have many windows and doors?

⦁    How big is your duct system?

⦁    What is the most suitable system for your home?

⦁    Are there any government grants or other incentives available that could help offset the costs?


Free In-Home Consultation

Honest Advice

Fair Price and Affordable Options

90 Days Price Match Guarantee

Furnace installation in Markham has evolved over the years, with companies continually striving to offer superior service and cutting-edge products. This thriving industry prioritizes energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring that residents not only stay warm but also reduce their carbon footprint. Markham's furnace installation experts are highly trained and certified, capable of installing a wide variety of furnace types, including natural gas, propane, electric, and oil systems, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners.

One of the key factors that set Markham furnace installation services apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By offering comprehensive consultations, these professionals assess each homeowner's unique needs and preferences, recommending the most suitable furnace models based on factors such as home size, insulation, and budget. This personalized approach ensures optimal energy savings and long-lasting performance.

Moreover, furnace installation companies in Markham recognize the importance of regular maintenance in prolonging the lifespan of heating systems. They offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include periodic inspections, tune-ups, and repairs, ensuring that furnaces operate at peak efficiency throughout their service life. With a focus on safety and timely service, these professionals are always ready to tackle emergency repairs and replacements, providing residents with peace of mind during the coldest months.

In summary, furnace installation services in Markham are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer care. By combining the expertise of certified technicians with the latest advancements in heating technology, these companies ensure that Markham residents enjoy a warm, comfortable, and eco-friendly home environment during the challenging Canadian winters.


1) Free In-Home Assessment:

FOR-SAVING develops a detailed installation specification to review with you. This drives the whole process forward.

2) Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication:

FOR SAVING employs a sheet metal shop to fabricate special fittings required to ensure optimum air flow in your system.

9) Start-Up Testing:

The FOR-SAVING installers perform a detailed testing and documentation of the system for future service reference.

10) Customer Survey:

For continuous improvement, we ask for your feedback.

3) Furnace Venting:

No order can be complete without a clear understanding of how the furnace is to vent safely.

11) Quality Audit:

We verify that the work is done to standards.

4) Customer Service:

We install Monday to Sunday on your terms to fit into your schedule.

12) Homeowner Manual:

FOR-SAVING has a unique Homeowner Manual detailing the use and care, documentation and warranties related to the system.

5) Protection of Your Home:

Specialized handling equipment, drop sheets, runners and booties ensure your home is well protected while we’re there.

13) Rebate Administration:

FOR-SAVING takes care of the paperwork so homeowners can have the confidence that they will get the maximum rebates.

6) Installation Kit:

FOR-SAVING has developed unique installation kits, so our installers have all the material on-hand to complete the job efficiently.

14) Warranty Registration:

FOR-SAVING registers all warranties on your behalf—no paperwork necessary from you.

7) Licensed Installers:

Every FOR-SAVING installer is fully qualified and trained. 

15) Protection Plan:

FOR-SAVING has the best service maintenance program available to keep your equipment in the best possible condition.

8) Garbage Removal:

We take everything away with us.

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