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Heat Pump Installation Richmond Hill

Efficient Heat Pump Services in Richmond Hill: Stay Cozy and Save on Energy Bills

Heat Pump $7100 Rebate

Heat Pump Installation in Richmond Hill
Up to $7,100 Rebate

Heat Pump We Carried

Discover the Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump in Your Home for Optimal Comfort and Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency of a Heat Pump
Year-Round Comfort Home by Using a Heat Pump

Transform Your Home Comfort with Richmond Hill's Premier Heat Pump Installation Service!

Experience the true potential of home comfort with Richmond Hill's finest heat pump installation service. Our state-of-the-art heat pump systems are designed to turn your home into an oasis of ideal temperature, whatever the season.

For those who value a cozy and comfortable home, our heat pump installation is a game-changer. It's perfect for individuals like you, John - a busy professional who values the quality of life and appreciates the peace of mind that a well-conditioned home brings. As a family man with a spouse, two children, and a furry friend to take care of, we understand that you want the best for your loved ones.


Discover the Magic of Heat Pump

Unlike conventional heating or cooling systems, heat pumps offer year-round comfort by providing both heating and cooling in one efficient package. They are designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, making them the ultimate solution for home climate control. They are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly - qualities that align well with your responsible and forward-thinking nature.

Heat Pump Installation Process

FREE In-Home Consultation

Our Tech will arrange a meeting at your home to explore the installation procedure and evaluate if a heat pump is an ideal solution for your household needs.


They will conduct precise measurements of your dwelling to confirm the heat pump's suitability in terms of capacity

 Heat Pump Selection

Following the evaluation, the consultant will assist you in choosing the right heat pump size that fits your home perfectly.

Heat pumps come in various forms, such as air-source, ground-source, and ductless mini-split systems, each carrying its own set of benefits and specific installation prerequisites.

Arranging Home Energy Assessment

A certified energy consultant will visit for both pre-improvement and post-improvement energy evaluations. They will furnish you with a personalized report, suggesting potential enhancements.


It will be necessary for you to implement a minimum of one eligible upgrade. You will be required to arrange a subsequent home energy evaluation (post-improvement). Finally, you will receive your rebate cheque, which includes up to $600 allocated for the assessments

Our skilled technicians will execute the installation of the heat pump system within a span of 1-3 days. Given that heat pumps demand additional wiring, the system will be connected to suitable electrical points and copper pipes.


This process may necessitate the drilling or cutting of openings in the walls and ceilings

 Testing Heat Pump

After the installation process, the technicians will conduct a thorough check on the heat pump to confirm its correct and efficient operation.


If required, they might perform some fine-tuning on the system to enhance its overall performance.

Garbage Removal

After the heat pump installation, we ensure to remove all the resulting waste and debris.

Customer Survey

To constantly enhance our services, we kindly request your assistance in sharing your valuable insights about your overall experience with our team.

Home Energy Assessment Completion

It will be necessary for you to arrange for an energy consultant to conduct a post-improvement energy evaluation.


Once the comprehensive energy assessment is completed, you can expect to receive your HER+ rebate within a timeframe of 4-6 months.

Heat Pump Warranty Registration

We will manage all aspects of warranty registration and manufacturer rebate submission for you, eliminating the need for you to deal with any paperwork

The Most Popular Heat Pumps 

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  • When Should I Replace my Furnace Filter?
    A dirty filter can cause your furnace to overheat and shut down as a safeguard. The filter should be replaced every 3 months.
  • What should I do if Furnace Fresh Air Vent Blocked?
    Look outside to see if your furnace air vents are blocked by snow, ice, debris or small animals. You should always leave a thorough furnace air vent inspection to an HVAC technician.
  • What's wrong with My Thermostat Settings?
    Make sure it’s switched to “heat.” And press “Hold.” Otherwise the thermostat won’t alert your furnace to begin heating.
  • How to Check my Furnace Switch?
    Your furnace has a switch on or near it that resembles a normal light switch. It should be in the “up” or “on” position. If it was turned off, give your furnace a few minutes to begin running.
  • How Will I Know if it's Better to Repair or Replace My Furnace?
    We offer free in-home assessments for this very purpose. Our expert technicians will walk you through the process, cost, and benefits of a furnace repair versus a furnace replacement. We do everything we can to help you make the best decisions for you and your family without high-pressure sales tactics.
  • How Can I Spot Small Repairs Before They Turn into Big Repairs?
    The best way to prevent unexpected breakdowns and large repairs is to schedule furnace maintenance at least once per year. Our technicians can evaluate your furnace for any minor tune-ups and catch small repairs before they become big problems. Every technician on our team is expertly trained and Right Time certified to diagnose any potential furnace issue.

Expert and Swift Installation

We provide expert installation services by our team of professionals trained to handle any situation with utmost precision. We understand your busy schedule and aim to deliver quick yet quality service without causing any inconvenience.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are a great way to save on energy bills. They use less energy than traditional heating or cooling systems and still provide excellent performance. Enjoy a cozy home environment without worrying about hefty electricity bills!

Durability and Longevity

Our heat pumps are designed for durability. They require minimal maintenance and can last for years, ensuring that your investment brings long-term comfort and savings.

24/7 Customer Support

We value your satisfaction and provide 24/7 customer support to ensure your heat pump system runs smoothly all year round. Any issues or questions, we're just a phone call away!


By choosing our heat pump, you're not only choosing comfort but also making a positive impact on the environment. Heat pumps have a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Ready to transform your home with our heat pump installation service in Richmond Hill? Your journey to a comfortable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly home is just a click away.

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